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Imagine walking into an office with fingerprints and smudges on the windows, and dust collecting on the ledges. You probably would think that was unprofessional, and that you don’t want to spend much time in that space. You might even have the urge to go clean the windows and ledges yourself.


Now imagine walking into a room with crystal clear windows, sunlight filtering in and perfectly clean, practically shining ledges. Doesn’t that seem more like the place you want to be in and do business with?


Here at Atlas Janitorial Agency, we offer high quality window cleaning in Los Angeles, from a professional who has been doing window washing for over 25 years.


Dirty windows can instantly bring down the overall appearance of an office or room. Windows usually take up a large portion of the wall and are immediately noticeable. If you have smudged, dirty and unclear windows, it makes the room look dirty, even if it is otherwise clean. This can make an office space look less professional.


If you have clean and clear windows, your room instantly looks more professional and cleaner, and becomes a space people want to spend more time in, whether that is your own workers, or your customers.


Generally customers like to spend money and do business with a company that is professional. Having a clean and organized space is no small part of professionalism. A clean office can help show your customers that your business is professional, and that you are the company they should be spending money with.


In addition, your workers will appreciate a clean work environment. This can lead to higher production from happier employees.


Our Window Cleaning Services


Our window cleaning professional has over 25 years of experience, delivering high quality results and pristine windows, with among the highest quality window cleaning Los Angeles has to offer.


Our window cleaning service addresses:


  • Grease
  • Dust
  • Grime
  • Fingerprints
  • Dirt
  • Water marks from sprinklers
  • And more


Our window cleaning services process includes:


  • Inside window panes
  • Outside window panes
  • Mullions
  • Ledges
  • Surrounding areas


What Types Of Windows Do We Clean?


We clean windows of all shapes and sizes, from windows with large single panes, to windows with many small panes, such as French windows. This can be part of your Los Angeles janitorial service program.


Why Professional Window Cleaning?


There are a few main reasons why you should receive professional window cleaning services, versus having a non-professional do the job. First, washing windows can be dangerous. If windows are on second, third or higher stories, or if they are ceiling-high, they can’t be reached without the assistance of some sort of equipment. Having a professional with experience and proper tools makes the window washing procedure a lot safer, and in turns makes it more effective. The professionals don’t have to worry about how to reach the window to clean it properly: they can put their full attention on getting the best results possible and providing you with high quality window cleaning services.


Another reason it is important to use professional window cleaning services is this: improperly washed windows look almost as bad as unwashed windows. Have you ever seen windows with streak marks all over them? Or perhaps dried water droplets? It clouds the windows, making an otherwise clear day not so clear.


Get our professionals to do the job, and you’ll have spotless, clean, sparkling windows that make you, your employees and your customers feel better. You can potentially increase the value of your business with our high quality window cleaning services in Los Angeles.


Number One Reason To Choose Us


We promise 100% customer satisfaction, guaranteed! We stand by that promise: that’s how dedicated we are to providing you with the best janitorial services and window cleaning Los Angeles has available. Call our office today to find out more, or to set up your window cleaning and janitorial services now.


Our Promise

We have made a pact to you, our customer, that: “we deliver what we promise”, whether it is for office windows, office cleaning, auto showroom cleaning or anything other type of cleaning.

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