Atlas Janitorial Agency Inc. is based in Glendale, CA and services the entire Los Angeles County. Our care factor for you, our customer is unprecedented. Our consistent quality of janitorial services and professional cleaning has made us the number one choice of our customers year after year. With virtually no turnover of cleaning crews, you get the same janitorial service on a daily basis, delivering that quality you quickly come to know and appreciate.

What does the phrase, “professional janitorial cleaning” conjure up
in your mind? What it means to us is meeting with a potential customer
in his facility and finding out what it is that they truly want to see addressed and handled in their building. Our goal is to work out a cleaning program to bring that into reality, at an affordable price, without compromise. We want our customers to believe in us as one of the most excellent delivery of janitorial services in Los Angeles.

With over three decades of experience in the Los Angeles cleaning industry, we have learned how to achieve this fine balance of service and cost with our customers. This means having the know-how to get the job done that the customer wants, being able to maintain it and at the same time making it affordable so the expectation can be fully realized. This helps us once again acquire our most important product: a happy customer.

Office Cleaning

There are many aspects of our Glendale and Los Angeles janitorial services we handle regularly for our customers. Knowing the best ways to accomplish the task is a combination of staying abreast of the latest cleaning techniques and cleaning agents, as well as applying the vast knowledge of what we already know in the industry.

The techniques and state-of-the-art equipment for vacuuming, dust mopping, damp mopping, dusting surfaces, cleaning glass, cleaning and sanitizing restrooms, kitchens along with proper trash removal are many of the skills needed in office cleaning to maintain a professional-looking workplace. The key areas addressed are the floors, which can be carpeted, tiled (vinyl, ceramic, stone, etc.) natural woods and veneers as well as rough or highly-polished concrete, to name the most common found today.

Commercial Janitorial Services

We also provide commercial janitorial services for large companies, including factories, warehouses, industry buildings and more. Our services comprise of an all-encompassing cleaning program, tailor-made to your commercial building. Whether that’s daily cleaning, or weekly cleaning, or somewhere in between, our commercial janitorial services will provide you with the regularly-cleaning space you need.

Our Guarantee:

100% satisfaction!

Our guarantee is this: the best possible job done at a fair price to you. We are available to you twenty-four hours a day to handle any of your needs. Call us for a free no obligation quote for cleaning services in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

Cutting Edge Technology

Atlas Janitorial Agency Inc., uses the most up-to-date technology there is for cleaning. Utilizing this cleaning technology allows us to do the best job, and to do it quicker and more efficiently than otherwise. This way you get every penny’s worth of service for the money you spend on janitorial services. Don’t put up with an inferior cleaning job for another month when you can have a cleaning service that will get the job done right at a price within your budget!

Our Promise

In an industry that has been plagued by poor, unreliable and short-lived service, at Atlas Janitorial Agency Inc. we have made a pact to you, our customer, that: “we deliver what we promise”.

To ensure that the product of “a clean office, month after month, is uniformly achieved”, we have in place the Quality Assurance Program. As one of our customers, you will appreciate this very effective tool that will keep your service working and on the rails year after year.

Our Goal

A clean and healthful workplace for all of our customers.

Our Purpose

To create not only a clean environment but also a more healthful environment for our Los Angeles area customers by utilizing the latest equipment and technologies available. Visit our Green Cleaning page page to find out more.

Atlas Janitorial Agency Inc., Los Angeles has maintained a consistent, top quality and professional cleaning service with their janitorial providers we are proud of and so are our customers.

After our extensive survey we found the following happens over time with many janitorial services:

  • Deteriorating quality of work,
  • Inconsistent schedule or cleaning team no show,
  • Lack of responsiveness to communication,
  • Slow follow-through when something is needed, or
  • The attitude, all janitorial companies are the same.

We’ve been told that to get anything done, customer have had to get out their whips or threaten cancellation just to get their attention or see some temporary improvement! Once this begins, they have to repeat this same scenario in a few weeks or months in an effort to get the service they need.

What Customers Need and Want

Is is our primary goal to bring your business up to your desired level of cleanliness. This level should be professionally and routinely maintained.

Customer have told us that what they need is:

“Someone who is reliable to come in when scheduled and clean what is expected with consistency.”

To us this certainly seemed like a reasonable request. And this is our promise to you:

  • We promise to be reliable.
  • We promise to come in when scheduled.
  • We promise to clean what is expected with consistency and predictability.

We pride ourselves in offering among the higher quality janitorial services Los Angeles has to offer. We provide commercial janitorial services, floor waxing, professional office cleaning and much more.

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