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Carpet is what covers most floors in offices and homes. It can be made from natural or synthetic materials such as wool, nylon, polyester or acrylic. Proper carpet cleaning and care can keep the carpet looking great for many years. Here at Atlas Janitorial Agency Inc., we provide quality carpet cleaning in Los Angeles. We work to make carpet cleaning an investment, not an expense!

Average Life Span

The average life of carpet is about ten years, depending on the quality of the carpet as well as the care that is taken during its life. The most obvious care would be daily vacuuming and spot cleaning of fresh stains caused by spills that can range from water, coffee, soda, etc. The most important advantage of vacuuming is it removes the dust and dirt that gets tracked onto the carpet. This happens each and every day on peoples shoes or the doors and windows blowing it in, as well as through the A/C and Heating system.

Proper Carpet Cleaning For Your Carpet

When not removed effectively daily, the dust and dirt interact with the carpet fibers from people walking on it throughout the day causing the fibers to wear, break, lose color, fade and even get matted down. The beater bar and suction from the vacuuming lifts the carpet fibers while removing the loose dust and dirt helping to limit the amount of potential wear and tear on the carpet throughout its life cycle.

Traffic lanes and high traffic areas that get the most punishment daily will begin to show the wear and tear first. Vacuuming these areas, at least, is important to do often so as not to sacrifice and shorten the life of the carpet and ultimately requiring replacement. We strive to provide the most effective carpet cleaning Los Angeles has available by cleaning your carpet regularly and effectively.

How Much Dirt Can A Carpet Hold

If you can imagine for a minute the actual weight of the carpet rolled up before it has been installed – it would be extremely heavy, right? It has been said at the National Cleaning Convention in Chicago that a carpet can hold its own weight in dirt! When I learned this as a business owner of a Los Angeles carpet cleaning and janitorial services company, I was shocked! And at the same time I was educated on why the need for daily vacuuming.

Obviously at some point in time, the carpet will require a cleaning above and beyond the vacuuming and spot cleaning. However realize that the actual carpet cleaning itself also wears out the carpet just by the nature of how its done! So there is a balance on how often you really need to do that – deep cleaning too often wears a carpet out.

Some janitorial companies will try to “sell you” on getting your carpet deep cleaned too often. Here at Atlas Janitorial Agency Inc., we want your carpet to last long and stay clean.

So how do you know how often it needs to be done? Of course, the most obvious way to know when it needs to be done is visually. Some businesses do it on a schedule which could mean you are cleaning before it really needs to be done! In that case you are wearing out the carpet needlessly and spending or wasting money before you actually need to. So again, it’s a balance.

The Four Methods of Carpet Cleaning

Another important aspect of carpet cleaning is which method is used. There are basically four common methods:

1. Hot Water Extraction commonly referred to as carpet “Steam Cleaning”.
2. Dry Method.
3. Bonnet Cleaning.
4. Carpet Shampooing.

The method used can depend on the circumstance or situation you are addressing, and which application will accomplish the mission best. The most common method is hot water extraction or “steam cleaning”. With this method you basically spray down a carpet cleaning solution that will loosen the dirt and vacuum the dirty water right back up. With a dirty carpet a pre-spray can be used to help in heavily soiled areas.

Drying Time

It’s important you have a quality carpet machine with a strong suction to make the extraction part most effective and bring the drying time to a minimum. Spending a few extra bucks here, will save you man hours in the long run. Ideally you don’t want anyone walking on this carpet for a full twenty four hours. The reason, a damp carpet is a magnet for dirt! Let it dry.

Ideal Cleaning Time

Ideally a carpet should be cleaned on the weekends, while the office is closed, with no foot traffic whatsoever. Having a strong vacuum extractor allows us to extract more dirt from your carpet. We are able to do a solid job in terms of quality and affordability to you. That all adds up to a happy customer who got what they wanted at a fair/competitive price out of their janitorial services in Los Angeles.

The Alternative Methods For 7 Day Businesses

Another form of carpet cleaning is the, “dry method”. Simply stated, the carpet gets thoroughly vacuumed  then with a machine or by hand it is treated with a powdery type of dry material that gets worked into the carpet with a machine for the prescribed time, then it is vacuumed up. The dirt and dust transfers from the carpet into this material and then gets removed. This method is effective where you can’t have a “wet” carpet as there is no drying time possible. An example might be a hotel or a facility that runs seven days a week. With this method, your carpet can essentially be dry within an hour.

Bonnet cleaning is a method where a floor machine or buffing machine is used with an absorbent “bonnet” that is dipped into a carpet cleaning solution and lightly rung out then tied onto the bottom of the buffer. The buffer is then started and the spinning transfers the dirt from the carpet into the bonnet itself. Several bonnet maybe required for this method. This is also a fast way to clean traffic lanes that are soiled when the majority of the carpet is clean. The advantage of this method is the carpet drys quickly as well.

Another method is often called, “shampooing” the carpet. This can also be done with a carpet machine that scrubs a cleaning solution into the carpet via some type of brush and then extracts the dirty water back into the machine. A separate extractor type machine can be used as well for this purpose. There can be more water involved and thus a longer drying time.

Our Promise

We have made a pact to you, our customer, that: “we deliver what we promise” for your carpet cleaning and any other service you might obtain from us.

To ensure that the product of “a clean office, month after month, is uniformly achieved”, we have in place the Quality Assurance Program. As one of our customers, you will appreciate this very effective tool that will keep your service working for you, with quality results.

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