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Serving Long Beach since 2014 Atlas Janitorial Agency Inc. offering janitorial and commercial cleaning in Long Beach, can service you if your needs are a simple one day per week cleaning schedule, seven days per week or even service on a 24/7 basis. Our team of professionals will take care of your facility the way you want it maintained in a professional and cost-effective manner. You will be impressed with us because we always go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction no matter how discerning you are. Whether it be an office or a multi-tenant office building, a medical facility, a car dealership or any other situation that needs a professional janitorial cleaning service in Long Beach, we are there service you.

Why Choose Atlas Janitorial Agency Inc. for your Long Beach Janitorial Services?


Servicing you, our customer, is our number one priority always. Our industry is riddled with more than its fair share of poor service. You should never have to put up with poor or even average service. Our motto is and always has been: “WE DELIVER WHAT WE PROMISE”. Our Quality Assurance Program ensures our customers receive great results month after month and year after year.


Our entire family of Long Beach janitorial workers, from the management to the staff and crew responsible for your happiness as our customer, take their jobs seriously. We will earn your trust which in turn will give you peace of mind. We are always working to improve our results and maintain your confidence.


With the same trained crew night after night and the proper supervision, you get a job well done all the time. The Long Beach office cleaning and commercial cleaning crew is consistent and has accountability.

State-Of-The-Art Equipment and Technology

Atlas Janitorial Agency Inc. Long Beach stays on top of the latest and most effective equipment and cleaning solutions to clean your facility quickly, efficiently and effectively. The bottom line will be the cleanliness of your building or facility. Anyone can come in and do the job right a few times, but it’s the company that can and will do that year after year providing a result that is cost effective but it’s the job you expect and want. We will earn your confidence by the job we will provide to you on a routine basis during our office cleaning services in Long Beach.

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