Post Construction Cleaning Services

Post-Construction Clean-Up

After your building has undergone a rejuvenating facelift or if it has been newly constructed, the aesthetic isn’t all that, well, rejuvenated until all the dust, dirt, debris, and the mess has been cleared.

In addition, the strange smells that linger in the air have to be evacuated, and the entire space has to be thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom, including the tiniest crevices and corners.

That is why it is essential you hire the best post construction cleaning services in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, so that you can open your doors to an absolutely spotless, fresh, and sparkling environment ready for business.

At CEJS Inc., we have over 35 years of experience providing some of the finest post construction cleaning services to organizations.

Regardless of whether our clients are large conglomerates with plenty of floor space or small, cozy businesses run by new-age entrepreneurs, our highly experienced team of professional servicemen and women deliver some of the best post construction clean-up services in the Greater Los Angeles area.

At CEJS, our post construction clean up services are a combination of the most effective equipment and tools, the finest quality of cleansing agents, and a high level of expertise. We delve deep into our clients’ projects because we are perfectionists at what we do.

What does Post Construction Clean-up Consist Of?

Dust cleaning

Regardless of the type of structural improvement your building has gone through, or whether it is a brand new construction, the dust produced from all the work is extremely fine. It is very easily airborne and poses a potential health risk that could lead to respiratory issues and may adversely affect the immune system as well.

Our professional post construction clean up services will eliminate any traces of dust from the entire space, including dusting the air diffusers, window sills and all the molding, to reveal an aesthetic that is revitalized and dust-free.

Drywall dust cleaning

Eliminating drywall dust is a labor-intensive job that involves considerable effort. Drywall dust is produced when the sanding process forces tiny particles of drywall and joint compound into the air.

If inhaled, the dust is known to cause eye and skin irritation, respiratory issues, and even allergic reactions as well.

At CEJS, our Los Angeles construction cleaning services are effective because we only employ the finest equipment to remove all the offensive drywall dust from your premises.

Cleaning corners

Corners are the harbingers of dust mites and several other irritants that can cause allergies and even asthma, which is why it is essential they are cleaned by a professional.

We provide our clients with high quality post construction clean-up services because we know what an impact unclean corners might have on their health.

Deep cleaning

If you want your office space to sparkle, our professional deep cleaning services are the perfect solution that will deliver a fantastic result.

From thorough washing to vacuuming to drying, our post construction clean up services will give your space a refreshing makeover once we have scrubbed and polished away the weeks or months of collected grime and dirt.

Window cleaning

For  your glass panels and windows, we ensure that all your glasswork is spot and stain-free, and lets the sun shine through. We have experience cleaning windows in the greater L.A. area for over 35 years now.

Paint removal from windows, floors and more

We provide effective professional paint removal service in the greater Los Angeles area. This service involves scraping paint off windows, floor and other places that the paint may have gotten onto. We use only the finest equipment to restore the underlying charm of your office and workspace.

Wiping down walls

Your office space is a reflection of your company, so, it is essential to wipe down and clean all the walls and ceilings thoroughly.

At CEJS, our post construction cleaning services take into account the texture and finish of your walls, whether they are made of plaster, acoustic finish or tile, or whether they are coated with latex or alkyd paint. The type of tools and cleaning agents we use depends on the surface of the wall. We care about our clients, which is why we go the distance.

Cleaning vents

To enhance the quality of the air in your office, it is vitally important to clean all particles that may have ended up on your vents. This is accomplished by us vacuuming the vents to remove any drywall dust or other particles that may have landed there during construction. At CEJS, our post construction clean up services employ vacuums to refurbish your intake vents so that your customers and employees can breathe easier.

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