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When you are looking for the best office cleaning and janitorial services in Encino, CA, Atlas Janitorial Agency Inc. is a great choice.

With a solid reputation built over thirty years, we have perfected the art and science of office cleaning in Encino and surrounding cities.

Our mission is to transform your office into a hygienic, spotlessly clean place that promotes health and safety. A happy workplace translates to enhanced productivity and healthy bottom lines.

Offering customized cleaning services, use of green cleaning agents and a strong focus on customer satisfaction are our key differentiators from other janitorial cleaning companies.

Why office cleaning is important

Most of us don’t think twice before using the computer keyboard. After all, it is the most often used of all office equipment. But, what if you knew there are at least 16 million microbes on that keyboard?

Shockingly studies show that offices are the perfect breeding grounds for all types of germs. A workplace desk is hundred times less clean than the kitchen table and up to 400 times dirtier than the toilet seat!

Some of the danger zones in the office in terms of germs are:

  • Keyboards harbor more than three thousand microbes in a square inch
  • Office phones can house more than 25,000 bugs per square inch
  • Toilet seats have on an average 49 microbes in a square inch
  • Carpets can trap four times their weight in terms of dirt

Workplace safety and hygiene are important to ensure optimal productivity, minimal healthcare expenses, and ultimately, the profitability of the business!

Why choose us?

Atlas Janitorial Agency Inc. is the trusted name for office cleaning and janitorial services in Encino, CA.

With a 30-year rich legacy of providing optimal green cleaning solutions for offices, businesses, industries, and health-care establishments, we are a top choice for professional janitorial services.

Our all-encompassing janitorial service package for Encino businesses includes extensive services that address office cleanliness and hygiene in its entirety:

  • Trash collection and disposal: Regular emptying and disposal of trash containers and wastebaskets and their cleaning is critical. We handle the entire range of tasks of trash collection and disposal, relining the containers and placing them back in their locations. We are well-versed in competently handling leaks, liquid spills, and other wet food products in the trash containers, so the leaks do not cause any damage to your floor or carpets.
  • Dusting and cleaning: Our professional cleaning services encompass extensive dusting and cleaning of all surfaces including chairs, desks, file cabinets, keyboards, equipment and much more. We offer customized solutions based on the type of equipment or surfaces that are in your office.
  • Restroom cleaning: As a leading name in offering cleaning solutions, we know the perfect way to keep the restroom free of dirt and disease-causing microbes. Our thorough cleaning and sanitizing of the toilets, urinals, sinks, counters, mirrors, and floors with eco-friendly cleaning agents ensure the restroom is free from odors and germs. We also provide specialized cleaning services for the ceiling or exhaust fan that ensure appropriate air circulation apart from the use of an enzyme solution to clean the drains.
  • Vacuuming: Every surface that is walked on needs deep cleaning on a regular basis. We provide the most thorough vacuuming services that keep your carpets, floor mats, and other furniture spotlessly clean.
  • Hard surfaced floors cleaning: Our professional dust mop and damp mop services are highly effective in restoring the vinyl, stone or ceramic floor tiles, microwaves and refrigerators to their original glory. These are the areas that often subject to liquid spills, crumbs, food particles and other types of dirt.
  • Glass cleaning: Glass surfaces love fingerprints, dirt, and stains! Exterior glass surfaces in high traffic or smoke areas require daily deep cleaning. Our professional glass cleaning services, on a daily basis, ensure glass surfaces in your office sparkle as never before!
  • Floor care: Floor care and in particular, vinyl floors finishing and polishing is our forte. We provide floor waxing, stripping, buffing services that bring out the best in your floor tiles.

As the go-to destination for janitorial services and office cleaning in Encino, CA, Atlas Janitorial Agency Inc., is fully geared up to provide customized solutions and services for every office.

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