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Atlas Janitorial Agency provides commercial janitorial services in Glendale and Los Angeles area. We value professionalism and that is something that is important to our core. From the moment you meet our quote estimator to the moment you experience your new Los Angeles-area janitorial service, you will quickly come to know and appreciate our standards of cleaning and quality of service. 

From years of experience providing commercial janitorial services in Los Angeles, Glendale and surrounding cities, we have found a fine balance between service and affordability with our cleaning programs. Knowing how to get the job done that the customer wants, bringing it up to this standard, and maintaining it from there on out while keeping it affordable is a fine art in the cleaning industry that we have gotten a good grasp of. The purpose of all of this is to provide a clean workspace that customers and your work force alike can enjoy. 

Receiving a Quote

Receiving a quote for our janitorial services is simple and free. Call our office, or fill out a contact form to schedule an appointment for an estimator to survey your facility. Once this is complete, we will provide you with a proposal that will include duty sheets, frequency of service.

Starting Janitorial Services

We can start your janitorial service typically within seven days. If you need it sooner, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your needs as best as possible. This will be based on availability. 

Locations Serviced

Atlas Janitorial Agency is based in Glendale, CA, but we service Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Ventura, Long Beach and Orange Counties. 

Hours of Operations

While our front office is open from 9:00am – 5:00pm Monday through Fridays, our cleaning hours are 24/7. Most of our cleaning is done after work hours, allowing us to have a free and uninterrupted space to clean thoroughly and efficiently. 

Commercial Settings & Office Cleaning

We provide janitorial services for many different industries, whether it’s the typical office cleaning, an industrial setting, an auto-showroom, a post-construction clean-up or a medical office, we have a lot of experience in these industries and nuances of each, allowing us to give you a tailor made janitorial services program for your exact needs. 

We don’t provide residential cleaning to individual homes and apartments, but we provide cleaning for apartment complexes and property managed facilities.

Green Cleaning

Upon customer request we can provide cleaning with eco friendly products as well as non-scented products. We can use typical household items, such as vinegar solutions, hydrogen peroxide, and isopropyl alcohol as well as more robust eco-friendly commercial products. 

How We Operate

We are a referral agency, as such, we match our customers with longstanding small janitorial companies that have proven their worth through the number of years they have worked with us. Some of them have been with us for over 30 years. Atlas Janitorial Agency in Glendale will be your account rep and maintain good communication with you to ensure you receive excellent customer service. 

Problems in the Cleaning Industry

After surveying hundreds of businesses with regard to their janitorial service, we have uniformly found the majority of cleaning companies start out with a high level of service. Shortly thereafter, the quality of service begins to sag. Evidenced by: 

  • Deteriorating work ethic, 
  • No shows or inconsistent scheduling, 
  • Poor response to communication, 
  • Lack of follow through, 
  • An attitude that they don’t care anymore. 

To get anything done, the customers have had to micro-manage and threaten with cancellation to get their attention or see a temporary improvement in service. This continues for weeks and months on in, until finally the customer is ready to switch providers. 

Customer’s Needs

Customers have told us what they need is: 

  • Someone who is reliable, 
  • Who comes when scheduled, 
  • Cleans what is expected, 
  • Doing the above consistently.

This is certainly reasonable, and thus we only work with cleaning carriers that have proven their worth by doing the above with each and every one of our customers.

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