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There are many aspects to professional janitorial cleaning that Atlas Janitorial Agency Inc. Pasadena offers. Whether it is the all time classic janitor with a mop and bucket that is needed one day a week, or a full service 20 man staff around the clock cleaning, we have you covered. We have been in the industry for many years, combining ingenuity, experience and integrity in our line of work to create a go-to cleaning company for all your janitorial needs. If you’re looking for commercial cleaning in Pasadena, please contact us today for a free estimate.

Why Choose Atlas Janitorial Agency Inc.


Servicing you is our number one priority. The commercial cleaning industry is plagued by poor, slip-shod and short-lived service – thus we have made a pact to you, our customer, that we deliver what we promise.

To ensure our customers receive great results on their monthly commercial cleaning service, we have in place a Quality Assurance Program, which is a great tool to keep your service working and the quality at its best.


With virtually no staff turnover, you will receive the same quality of service as when you first started with us. You will receive consistent results month after month from your commercial cleaning service in Pasadena.

Ethics & Integrity

Our staff take integrity and ethics seriously, and that means providing you with janitorial cleaning services you can trust and have peace of mind on. You won’t see us trying to “cut-corners”: we are always looking for ways we can improve our quality of service and provide you, our client, with great results.

Cutting Edge Technology

Atlas Janitorial Agency Inc. Pasadena uses the most up-to-date cleaning technology, including our tools and machines of the trade. Believe or not, the sequence in which an office is cleaned can have a direct impact on your cleaning results! An example that may be thought of as radical or nontraditional in the cleaning industry, is vacuuming first. This directly violates the primary rule: “cleaning top to bottom”. This is due to the vacuum picking up dust from the carpet and causing it to go into the air, then settle on items you’ve already cleaned, like desks and shelves. This undoes all prior cleaning.

Does This Service Look Like Yours?

For over thirty-one years Atlas Janitorial Agency Inc. Pasadena has provided consistent, top-tier and professional services that not only we can take pride in, but also our customers.

Our extensive survey found these negative points rampant in the cleaning industry:

  • Cleaning service quality deteriorates over time,
  • Cleaning schedule not maintained or cleaning crew no shows,
  • Poor responsiveness to client requests,
  • Slow responsiveness when service improvements are needed

Surveyors have told us “That to get anything done, we have had to get our whips or threaten cancellation just to get attention or see some temporary improvement!” Once this starts, the dwindling spiral has begun where they have to repeat this same scenario a few weeks or a month later in an effort to get the improvement that is needed.

Our Promise

Our number one goal is to bring your office or building space up to your necessary level of cleanliness.

Our clients have told us that what they need is:

“Someone who is reliable to come in when scheduled and clean what is expected with consistency.”

This seemed like a reasonable request to us. And our promise to you is:

  • Being reliable.
  • Coming in when scheduled.
  • Cleaning what is expected with consistent results and predictability.

With us, you won’t have to pay for poor service! We strive to provide you with among the best janitorial services Pasadena has to offer. Feel free to email us for a free quote, or give us a call.

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