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The Second Most Important Appearance Factor

Showroom cleaning

If a customer showed up or drove by your car dealership and the lot and showroom were full of dusty and dirty cars, you can bet they wouldn’t give you the time of day let alone buy one of your cars. And really you couldn’t blame them. So the cleanliness of your cars is priority one. A clean car dealership is priority number two as it determines sales, not just detailed and presentable cars in various styles and colors. Your auto showrooms, offices, service areas and of course restrooms affect not only your staff but your customers as well.

Car Showroom & Service Bay Cleaning

Clean cars of course is the number one priority and right behind that is a clean and professional car dealership building image right down to the service bays. A clean car showroom and windows are a must for higher sales, which is why it is important you receive among the best auto showroom cleaning Los Angeles has available. Clean glass windows in the car showroom make the room sparkle and the cars look their best. Read our information on window cleaning to get a full perspective.

Safety & Proper Care Of Your Floor

The showroom is essential to keep clean and comfortable for your
customers so they feel free to look at all the cars on the floor. With among the most thorough car dealership cleaning in Los Angeles, we understand the importance of a clean showroom and clean floors. Keeping the car showroom floors dust mopped and damp mopped daily will keep them looking their best. Whether it be a vinyl floor that is waxed and buffed to high polished shine or a polished stone, your new models will be shown off in their best light.

Once a vinyl floor is strip and waxed with many coats of finish and properly polished, you want to continue with a solid maintenance program to keep them always looking great! A monthly or even a weekly polishing/buffing may be needed to maintain a shine depending on the daily customer traffic flow. Our use of a quality floor finish will not only impress you and your customers on how well they look but it is also safe and non-skid.

Important Auto Showroom Cleaning Areas

Your customer service areas are a focal point where customers are waiting to buy a car or pick up their car after being serviced. We pay special attention here as this area needs to be clean and orderly. A shiny floor as well a detailed car is an irresistible match that will pay off in dividends and as such is a worthy investment. Also the service bays themselves need cleaning at least monthly by machine scrubbing with a detergent or power-washing with a degreaser to keep the area orderly and taken care of.

Restroom care is essential. A clean, sanitized & sweet smelling facility is a comfort. Fully stocked restroom with toilet paper, hand towels, soap, seat covers make for comfortable environment that enables not only your staff but customers as well to enjoy.

The Winning Ingredient

All of this attention to detail tell your staff and customers alike that you care about them and their well being! This goodwill you provide will pay off in a highly productive staff and daily sales you all can be proud of.

Our Promise

We have made a pact to you, our customer, that: “we deliver what we promise”.

To ensure that the product of “a clean office, month after month, is uniformly achieved”, we have in place the Quality Assurance Program. As one of our customers, you will appreciate this very effective tool that will keep your auto showroom cleaning working for you, with quality results.

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