Professional Janitorial Services in Tampa, Florida

Welcome to Atlas Janitorial, where cleanliness meets professional standards! We are equipped to meet the unique needs of many different types of businesses and facilities in the Tampa Bay area as well as Clearwater, Florida. Our goal is to give your facility professional cleaning at an affordable price. Our janitorial service is month-to-month, we will let your our good work keep you as our client.

Quoting Process

To get a quote call our office or fill out a quote form. We will schedule a time to survey your facility. Common questions which will be asked during the walk through are, size of the facility, number of staff working there, number of restrooms, frequency of service and the level of detail required. Subject to availability, we can usually see our customers within 24-48 hours. Although sometimes we can see you on the same day. Give us a call, and we can let you know.

Starting Services

We like to have at least 7 day heads up to start service, but a lot of times we can start sooner. This is subject to availability of crews in your area. If you need service started asap, let your account rep know and they will accommodate you as best as possible.

Common Questions:

Do you offer green cleaning?

Yes we do. We can use specific products which are biodegradable, non-toxic, and safe to use around kids and pets.

Do you have experience in cleaning medical offices?

We have lots of experience in cleaning medical offices. We have done dentists, dermatology centers, eye clinics, pet-hospitals, med-spas, surgery facilities with pre-surgery “terminal-cleanings” (full wipe down with hospital grade disinfectant of surgery room, including ceilings, walls, exam table and floor.)

Do you offer cleaning during business hours?

Most cleaning is done after business hours, but if you need service during the day or a day-porter type of service, mention this to your account representative.

Do you offer residential cleaning?

We do not presently offer any residential cleaning, unless they are common areas of residential apartment or condo buildings.


35+ years of experience in janitorial industry was passed down to us by a great friend and mentor, allowing us to hit the ground running in 2014 and build an excellent company. We have also learned through experience the janitorial industry is plagued by poor service in the form of:

  • Deteriorating work quality,
  • Inconsistent schedule or no show,
  • Poor response to communication,
  • Slow follow through when something is needed, or
  • An attitude that they don’t care about you, the customer, anymore. 

Customers have told what they need is:

“someone who can reliably come in when schedule, clean what is expected and do it with consistency.”

This is certainly a reasonable request, thus we have tailored our business so that you receive:

Reliable service.

Staff come when scheduled.

They clean what is expected.

And do so with consistency and predictability

Quality Control

The key to good service is good communication.

Log Book
We will provide you with a “QC Log Book,” which will be stored at a designated place at your facility. You can leave a note in the log book which your crew which will check nightly. This allows you to communicate anything which you may have your attention on for the crew to take care of.

Monthly Survey
Each month you will receive an email with a survey, which we would like get your feedback on your janitorial service.  It’s simple and fast to fill out. 

A copy goes to us to let us know exactly how you feel about the service and another copy goes directly to the janitorial crew. For each item you get to decide whether it is acceptable or not.  We learn a lot from you, our customer, and encourage you to communicate as much as you want. 

Feedback which is positive will perpetuate a job well done and anything that needs attention will rapidly be taken care of.

You will also receive a call from your account rep to check in and see how service is coming along. If there is any attention on anything, no matter how small it is, it can simply be mentioned and taken care of right away. We prioritize quality of service to our customers, which makes us a great company to work with.

Speak to someone today about a quote for janitorial service in Tampa, or Clearwater, Florida today.

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