Dialysis Janitorial Cleaning

With the cost of Medical Care in the 21st Century being in an unprecedented range today, your patients are expecting state-of-the-art medical equipment in your facility along with very professional treatment and care. This includes your dialysis center equipment. Your clean dialysis center says exactly that. It promotes the fact that you are a professional group that puts their patients’ health and safety at the top of the list of priorities. In a word it shows that you care about them. An unclean dialysis medical office says just the opposite, you’re not very professional and you don’t really care about them. That is definitely not the message you want to promote.

What Dialysis Cleaning Can Do For You

What you most likely want is a stable, expanding, profitable practice where patients are happy to refer family and friends to you as a result of their being impressed with the level of care they have received from you. A professional, clean facility says exactly that to your patients. Word of mouth is the best form of promotion that even money can’t buy. Our professional dialysis cleaning in Los Angeles can help you achieve better word of mouth and happier, returning clients. Getting regular commercial cleaning for dialysis centers should be a key part of your management strategy. Consider the cost of cleaning as part of your promotion budget because in fact it is.

Importance Of Dialysis Cleaning

Because there are watchdogs like OSHA watching over the medical industry at large, you want to know that you are in good hands where it comes to medical cleaning for your dialysis center. Again a clean facility is imperative not only for your patients but for keeping any regulating agencies at bay and not creating any problems for you as a result of insufficient cleanliness from your janitorial services in Los Angeles. Be proactive on this point to always be ahead of the curve, not exposing yourself to costly fines or setbacks, or the absolute worst case scenario, closure.

Dialysis Cleaning Specifics

The cleaning of a medical facility requires certain protocols not found in general office cleaning. Having specific knowledge regarding, “blood borne pathogens”, “infectious waste”, “sharps” and the proper handling or disposal procedure is a paramount issue that must be followed correctly for the safety of your Renal patients, your medical staff as well as cleaning staff. The wearing of surgical gloves is necessary so as not to be exposed to infection through things you touch as well as to protect your skin from exposure to cleaning agents. Special cleaning products are used in dialysis unit facility to lessen and control the amount of virus, germs or bacteria in the environment and on the various surfaces, tables, floors, air, etc. Having the potential for a compromised immune system your patients can be at risk themselves or to each other. Keeping the standard cleaning protocols in and used properly can stay, limit or lessen the possibility of infection or cross infection for all concerned, patients and staff.

For example in the Dialysis Unit you have several areas that require special care. The “bicarb” products that are used in the facility leave a white chalky residue on the floors and walls and must be cleaned nightly for a neat and clean appearance. The floors, usually vinyl in composition, require a proper floor care program of polishing, scrubbing & waxing along with stripping & waxing on a frequency that will keep them looking clean and shiny. The most important being the daily care of mopping with a germicidal neutral cleaner to protect the floor finish (wax) as well as control any potential for infection in the unit to patient or staff. A day porter may be needed as well at a convenient time during the day to care for the patient restrooms. The cleaning/sanitizing along with the restocking of the supplies is generally needed at this time.

Your Dialysis Cleaning Program

Each situation is different and a proper detailed program must be written up to address the needs for that facility and come in within budget. We can help deliver effective, high-quality dialysis center cleaning in Los Angeles. Just give us a call or contact us by email to get started.

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